Therapies and Group Dynamics

The HitchFest – just like the hitchhiking – is an opportunity to be with ourselves, to dive into ourselves.

Here we will have the space to dare, to deepen, to heal and to experience.

Imagine it as a bridge between a healing space and the outside world.
“Emotional” is an area of ​​the festival, just as construction or decor. There will be therapists and healers attentive to the vibration of the festival and the emotion of each one.

Here we can experience what it’s like to be freer from the restraints we put on ourselves, realizing where they come from and discarding those that do not fit. As such, the first step is to work them out.

For this, we will have two spaces dedicated to emotional and spiritual healing through mind body, emotional body and spirit:

Healing Area – for all those who want to go deeper, regardless of whether they have done some personal work or not. For, through group dynamics, conversations and individual work, realizing what we have been, what we are and where we are going.

Screamer – a space of emotional expression of deep healing, for those who have already made the decision within themselves to go further. Situated outside the site, it has the perfect conditions to bring out, without hurting susceptibilities.

Let’s connect with those around us, realizing the nature of our own expression. Let’s leave the norms and follow the heart.

These are precious tools that will be made available to everyone, regardless of the depth of the trip they wish to start or continue.

There is always road beyond the horizon 🙂


Encontros do Umbigo

With Pramod. Encounter exists when there is intention and at least two presences. It is impossible when two absences try to find more on the other side where nothing exists. In my work I see myself as an activator of doors you may choose to open and take a deeper honest look into yourself. My objective is to tell my personal history, show you what I can do, inviting you to join me so that we walk part of the path together, growing in the process. Dance, Trust and Celebrate. Fall in love with yourself!

Acro body contact improvisation

With Samantha Mancino, Yoga With Sam. Dancing forever! Is what I did and do… through ballet, acrobatic training and Contact Improvisation, all summed up into Yoga. This work is a powerful mix of dance, acro, contact, fluidity and diversity in movement.. dancing with another body. No space, no time. People dance together, even if only for a few minutes, and they maintain most of the time some point of contact between their bodies. It might only be their fingertips touching or they might be rolling acrobatically over each other’s shoulders. It might be slow and intimate, it might be whirling and fast. Dancers can lead and follow and they trust their weight to one another. From these basic principles the journey begins..

Inner Laboratory I and II

With Célia Sr., Laboratório Inner Life Theater. This laboratory proposes an experience from the inside to the outside. From expression to physical, vocal, mental and emotional consciousness of being here and now. Aimed at all adults wishing to develop their expressive and communicative capacities, from the encounter with themselves, in an interior search of their creator. The confrontation with honesty and lie, the superficial and the deep, the obscurity and the light! Try to see the other side, to observe, to look the other, to look at the space, the nature. Play with the senses and also with the silence, nurting the spirit of will, trust and tranquility to come to outline the foundations of a “human building” more conscious of the magnificent creation that is the life of each one. Experience FEELING and LOVING OURSELVES with our body, with voice and mind, which are infinitely creative.

SENSational exploration

With Joëlle Nicolet, Zen Shiatsu on the road. I offer workshops to connect deeply with your body, your sensuality, your sensations through different tools (dance, massage, play..) the goal is to know and trust your body, to discover how it’s a beautiful source of knowledges, of wisdom. It allows to own and to expand your life and sexual energy and to feel the empowerment and the connection through that. It’s also a lot of fun!

Feeling sounds

With IamLawn. I want to bring attention to incorporating our own feeling into sound. The workshop will encourage people to sing. We will explore movement and singing in the beginning to warm-up and loosen up, then chant together a teeny bit. I will talk about the world of feeling and my understanding of music and singing and communication. Then we will play. I will encourage the humans through voice or instrument of their choice to FEEL and use their music to express their depth and internal worlds. Then we will improvise. With sound, our voices. Then I will introduce the octatrack and do a little performance deep with feeling.

Active meditations

Osho’s active meditations are individual meditation tools. They were designed to enable us to consciously express our repressed feelings, in some using a sale, moving the body, shaking, dancing, making sound, and from there, entering into a meditative state that makes it possible to observe and consequently change our habitual patterns. Osho, the most talked about Indian master of the twentieth century, was a rebel and independent spirit. He challenged all accepted religions, social and political traditions by insisting on experiencing truth for himself, rather than acquiring knowledge and beliefs given by others.

Meditation for Families

With Pat Herdeiro, from O Pequeno Buda project. We will bring awareness to our breath and the present moment through simple and fun exercises and learn to bring calm and peace to our hearts. Families with children from the age of 4 are welcome to join us to start the day in full awareness.

Voice and Movement

Workshop guided by Pat Herdeira This is a space of exploration of the inner landscapes through the voice, singing, authentic movement and dance. The purpose of this lab is to create a safe space to explore voice and movement in an intuitive and therapeutic way, giving the opportunity to explore our creativity in connection with our body. In this workshop we will have moments of individual and collective research, giving space for the creative process of each one and group co-creation. We end the session with a circle to share our feelings and what we experienced in order to integrate the process and to connect with each other at the heart level.

Stepping into Deep Practice

With Dee Kyne, One Love One Step Walking. An Introductory practice morning – Stepping into Deep Practice- learning how to move from Ordinary Reality to Non ordinary Reality and meet spirit/non material guides who assist in helping you to find balance and clarity. This offer is for those who have started their journey and have some experience. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual tradition and magical craft, used worldwide for healing, problem solving and for maintaining balance between humans and nature. It is not something that exists only among Indians and traditional peoples. Shamanism’s basic features are found worldwide, and all humans have the ability to practice shamanism. Originally, the word shaman came from the Evenki people of Siberia. It means “the one who knows.” A shaman is defined by how she or he works. Using rhythmic drumming, singing and ritual, the shaman experiences a shift in his consciousness, which allows her to travel to the other reality. There, she meets with her spirit helpers and gets help and advice, which she brings back and uses in the physical world. The shaman’s worldview ….sees everything as imbued with life. Everything that has life also has spirit and power. Spirit and power are the links between all forms of life, between people, trees, animals, rocks, wind and water, earth and sky.

Zen Shiatsu

Com Joëlle Nicolet, Zen Shiatsu on the road. I offer zen shiatsu 1 to 1 sessions. Zen shiatsu is based on traditional Chinese medicine and allows the body to balance and harmonize its energy flow and to feel deeply relaxed and nourished. It’s a beautiful heart opening therapy!

Journey through the Senses

Through connecting with our 5 senses, we connect with our body, our emotions, nature and with others. This is a journey where we discover the pleasure of the simple things when we are present and open to feel.

New Moon Celebration: Women’s Circle and Men’s Circle and Ritual of Unification

Guided by Pat Herdeira and Pedro Rodrigues. We join in circle on New Moon to share and celebrate the beginning of a new cycle between sisters and brothers. We will have a Women´s Circle and a Men´s Circle where we will share our emotions and internal processes, from a space of honesty and transparency. Through a space of presence, love and compassion we listen and support each other in our growth process as women and men. In the end, we bring together the two circles for a small ritual of unification and celebrate the union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, inside and outside of us.

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