Presentations and workshops


Permaculture and natural inks

Workshops with Francisco Cunha and Rita Esteves, Ser Recurso. Specialists in agro-forestry, ecological practices and natural bio-dynamics, as well as bio-climatic architecture, healthy construction and natural materials. With this fusion we try to spread knowledge to create synergy between natural and humanized environments, recreating and reconnecting the relation human-nature.

Spiritual Activism and the Law to End Ecocide

Workshop and presentation with Dee Kyne, OneLove One Step Walking. practical step in the direction of how to manifest making big things happen with success- Pathways for success. I have walked for a year 6000 miles to bring in the Law to End Ecocide Law to End Ecocide. I have changed health law in India – I have changed plastic law in Jamaica – one foot in front of the other. I am a shaman born and trained since the age of 3. I am a business woman and social entrepreneur who has worked all over the world. At UN levels and Government levels and on the streets.

Last words for the road : 5 years collecting quotes from travelers

With Lauren Klarfeld, Last words for the road.  I collect handwritten quotes from travelers I meet and catalogue it in a book like a photo album. I write and draw conclusions about this large network of travelers all in all to try and study and understand our generation of people who are constantly on the road. I now hold over 200 quotes and stories about amazing people I met and life lessons about travel and its helping me write my book about the current generation of travelers.

Medicinal plants walks and workshop

With João Beles. Sharing about how to identify medicinal plants and what are their therapeutical properties. To get awareness of the importance of having and sharing knowledge on medicinal plants, as a guarantee of autonomy and freedom over one’s own health. Realize that this is ancestral knowledge, and was since ever humanity’s way of treatment, which should today be preserved and shared.

Permaculture and mandala gardens around the world

With Henrique Bastos, Eco Escola Terra. With over 35 years of experience, in Portugal, the Azores, Europe, Latin America and Africa, I develop projects capable to generate abundant food productions, according to the methods and practices of a regenerative agriculture, biodynamic, bio-intensive, Mandala gardens, with shapes and images from sacred geometry. Respecting, preserving and using ancestral techniques from Inca and Celtic cultures, without aggression for the natural resources and the environment, in a spirit of sharing and love for Mother Earth.

Make your own barefoot sandals!

With Vojtěch Jakoubek. This workshop will teach people how to create their own barefoot sandals right on the spot!

Conscious birth

Workshop with Vero, w0mb. A women’s pregnancy a baby’s birth an the growth of a family are one of humanity’s most beautiful and important things. We all deserve a respected and conscious birth.

Across the Continent: A Hitchhiker’s Dream

With René Witteveen. At the HitchFest I will release a short story album. People can read them during the festival, and then at the end of the festival, we can do a discussion based on the themes and content I discuss in the short stories. Centrally, we’ll be talking about philosophical and spiritual issues we encounter while hitchhiking.

Ativismo climático e a Rebelião da Extinção 

With Matias and Bea, Extinction Rebellion. We’re facing a climate and ecological crisis! Despite all the alerts repeated for over 30 years, we continue seeing an enormous inaction to invert this trajectory leading to civilization collapse way before what optimism indicated. Scientists say we have 22 years to change nearly everything in order to avoid the point of no return for climatic chaos. This is an unprecedented global emergency…. and we need true solutions. In this presentation we’ll share the most actual climate science, discuss the current point os climate policies and offer solutions based on studies about several social movements that led to large scale changes like the one we need now. Everyone is welcome!!

ATERRA and Stay Grounded: Less aviation, more imagination!

With ATERRA. The Portuguese government and Vinci corporation want to build a new airport in Montijo, and expand both the current Lisbon and Porto airports. These are just three of over one thousand airport expansion projects today around the world. Who wins and what is lost with the mass use of airplane and mass tourism? In Portugal, with ATERRA campaign, and all over the globe, coordinated in the Stay Grounded network, people and groups are uniting to defend the reduction of aviation and fair and ecological transport systems!


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