Practical info

    Where?   How to get here?    What to bring?    What to find?


The HitchFest will take place in the Parque de Lazer e Merendas do Ameal, by the Sousa River and close to its source. 

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GPS: 41.291850, -8.233970

It is 5 km away from Lousada, and 5 km away from Caide train station, and 50 kms from Porto.

We’ll have a beautiful camping place ready to welcome everyone. 

How to get here?



Whether you’re an experienced hitchhiker or you have never put your thumb up, take this challenge: hitchhike to the HitchFest! Open up to the beautiful of possibility of strangers sharing their car and bringing you here. 

HitchWiki is the online e collaborative hitchhiking bible 😉 Read this text about the first time and these top tips.

You can also download the free app “My hitchhiking spots” .

We suggest you hitchhike together with a friend – but if you feel do try on your own.

Coming from most places in Portugal, we recommend you to pass by Porto. The region can be a little tricky because of the big number of highways and possible destinations – but a lot of friendly people and loads of cars. You can use the hitchspot Área de Serviço de Águas Santas, in the A4 (train to “Águas Santas/Palmilheira” and 15 minute walk, or metro line F, till – not to confuse with Campanhã – and 30 minute walk). There you can take a ride until the Penafiel exit, and then thumb towards Lousada and the HitchFest.

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please share them with the community on the event page or in the group “Hitchhiking in Portugal”.

By public transport

The most comfortable and ecological way of reaching the HitchFest is by train.

Once in Porto, use São Bento or Campanhã, train station to get the Régua line until Caíde.  

Caíde train station is only 5km from the festival spot. This distance can be completed by foot, hitchhiking, or with the shuttle transport HitchFest will make available.

By car

If you come by car, try to fill up your seats. Let others know of your trip in the facebook event  and keep your eyes wide open to any hitchhikers in gas stations or on the side of the road 🙂

What to bring?

What you would bring to camp and enjoy a good time with friends! 

*Open mind and open heart!

*Tent, mattress and sleeping bag. Water bottle. Summer clothes, warm clothes and rain vest.  

*Music instruments, juggling material, slackline, games, blankets, tarps…

*Money. For the entrance contribution and for the food, drinks or crafts. There is no ATM, so please come prepared. 

Please avoid bringing any disposable objects, chemical soaps or detergents.

What to find?

At the HitchFest there is:

*A Welcome and Info area, where we should go as we arrive.

*A Camping area, with dry toilets and showers, and a space outside of the festival for vans and camping cars.

*A Community Kitchen, which serves two daily meals at a fair price, cooked by volunteers.

*A Chillout area, where we can jam, leave our own instruments for others to play, and try new instruments.

*A Kids Area, where small and big people can share moments and activities.

*A Little Market, where we can find food and crafts.

*A Free Shop, where we can leave things we no longer need, and take things we want.

*A Bar, with craft beer, local wine, cold infusions with local plants and other non alcoholic drinks.

*Two areas dedicated to therapies and inner work.

*A presentations area.

*A concert stage.

*An  Art Workshop, where we can create freely.

*A clean river where we can refresh ourselves and that asks for our care.